Frequently Asked Questions


Who will be entering my home, knowing my alarm code and having my house key?

As the owner of Run, Romp, Stay, I (Rosemary Vander Lee - learn more about me) am the only one with access to your key and alarm code. On occasion, my partner Bruce may accompany me to help exercise your pets!

Will you share pet care with my neighbor?

No. I expect to assume full responsibility for your pet. If someone else is providing care, I am not able to assure that proper care is being given. For the same reason, I will not accept bookings for only some pets in a multi-pet household.

What is the difference between premiere and basic visits?

A premiere visit includes time (about 1/2 hour per visit) for me to exercise and play with your pet as well as looking after its basic needs. I recommend premiere visits for most dogs, and some cats. This extra activity is particularly important if you are going to be away from home for a while.

A basic visit includes just enough time to feed your pet, change water, and allow them to go outside if needed. This is suitable for some cats, but only for short periods.

What if something goes wrong while you are in my home?

I am fully insured and carry liability insurance in case something happens while I am looking after your pet.

How do your costs compare with a kennel or cattery?

My costs are generally comparable with using a kennel or cattery, especially for multi-pet households. Also, many kennels charge for the day you pick your pet up. With pet sitting, you do not have to drive to and from the kennel or cattery, and your pet will be waiting at home to greet you! Most importantly, your pet is likely to be happier and healthier staying in its home and following its normal routines.

Do I get a discount for long bookings?

Yes, you get a 10% discount for bookings of 7 days or more.